Sunday, March 27, 2011

Has it been that long?

So I just tried to start what I thought was my first ever blog, only to find that my email address had already been used to start a blog...I did a little investigating (which only really required that I reset the password I didn't know I had), and lo and behold, I discovered this lovely blog that my family had made for me while I was on my mission! They are so sweet! I know they showed it to me when I got home, but I think I was so overwhelmed with everything that I didn't really take the time to soak it in. So thank you family--according to the countdown ticker for my return, I've been home 21 months 3 days plus, and so I am at least 21 months late in really thanking you!

I think I will keep the blog going because I feel like I have not been very good with updating my mission friends on my life since the mission--maybe this will be the trick. Since I'll probably do most posts in Spanish (for the sake of my Chilean friends), I'll say this for now...being home has taught me more about the Atonement of Jesus Christ than I ever realized I even needed to know--I wish I could go back on the mission now because I'd probably finally be able to explain some things that I see now I was lacking in understanding then...but hey, I guess that's what being a member missionary is about.

Thanks again to my family for being such a support to me then and now. Love you guys!



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